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Welcome to OutGG's Browser Based MMORPG

Browser Based MMORPG games have been an enormous success in the past and the present. It's now your chance to get in on that success and have your very own game ready for everyone to play. We provide you with everything you need to start your game within 5 minutes.

Just some of the RPG Script features...

Admin Panel Feature

Easy Admin Panel

Make large changes to your game without any programming knowledge at all. Not limited to adding items, classes, quests, editing players and game settings.
Social Features

Social Features

Players are able to send private messages and gold to each other. As well as fight against each other in the player vs player arena.
Update Feature

Constant Updates

We keep adding new features all the time and work around the clock to fix any security issues that may arise.

24/7 Support

We offer e-mail support as well as forum support where not only us but other members can help you with problems you may be having.

Have it now

We offer specialised packs that can be purchased which will instantly turn a fresh install into a full niche specific genre of game such as a ninja game. View Add-Ons...
Plus More Features

Plus more...

There are tons of features that this browser based text MMO RPG script has which can all be found listed under features.